With over twenty years experience in internet, routers and gateways, we can help with any internet access configuration – residential, commercial or hospitality.

The Cabin Network specializes in rental cabin WiFi, the newest “must have” amenity for vacation rental cabins. And, for many guests, it may be the most important amenity. What do you do when a guest reports a problem?

  • We respond to repair calls quickly and work diligently to restore service and satisfy the needs of your guests.
  • Most internet problems do not require an expensive and inconvenient service visit from the cable or telephone companies. We can fix problems faster.
  • We work with rental managers, guests and cabin owners to resolve problems quickly.
  • We can configure cabin WiFi equipment to minimize future problems.
  • We can recommend the most appropriate and cost effective solution to satisfy both guests and owners.
  • And we can offer a variety of custom solutions, including Rate Shaping (for satellite and cellular hotspots), Bridging (for multiple buildings on the same property) and Repeaters (for larger cabins).