CabinNet is a WiFi solution designed for vacation rental cabins. CabinNet starts with a reliable, high performance (and inexpensive) Wireless Gateway running a powerful open source operating system, then adds custom innovative features:


CabinNet monitors network status and reports an outage in minutes. Network utilization, including WiFi connections and bandwidth consumption, are collected and reported on a daily and monthly basis. All information is logged and maintained for one year.


CabinNet creates an WiFi HotSpot, greeting guests with a cabin-specific web page filled with valuable information about the cabin including TV and media equipment, heating and A/C, hot tub and more. It can also include Cabin Mail and an online Guest Book!

Tamper Resistance

A curious or frustrated guest can easily compromise most Wireless Gateways by pressing the “Reset” button and restoring the factory configuration. Not on a CabinNet router!

Rate Control

CabinNet can be configured to limit bandwidth consumption on your internet connection. This is particularly useful for satellite or cellular connections where usage is metered and an overage may result in additional charges.

Thermostat Control

Combined with a WiFi thermostat, CabinNet can monitor cabin temperature and alarm on a low or high threshold. The thermostat can be controlled through the secure CabinNet Monitoring Facility.

Web Cam Hosting

CabinNet can host a public web cam without need for a Static IP Address or unreliable Dynamic DNS.